Michael Solati
Michael Solati

Michael Solati

Developer 🥑 Advocate

Technically sophisticated Developer Advocate with a dynamic collection of skills and experience. Talent for efficiently and creatively designing web-based applications utilizing modern development technologies, tools, and methodologies. Passion for championing the development of developers and customer skills/knowledge through expert training abilities and tools. Proven track record of successfully delivering optimized results for strategic technical projects and initiatives.

All Experiences

Developer Advocate


Created tutorials, guides, and blog posts to drive user adoption and satisfaction for Amplication's API generation tool. Positioned Amplication as a prominent authority in the industry through compelling presentations at meetups, resulting in heightened brand recognition and significant user acquisition. Collaborated with the development team to enhance the core product based on user feedback, adding features and resolving bugs.

Google Developer Expert

Google Developers

Recognized by Google as having exemplary expertise in one or more of their Google Developers products. Actively supported developers, companies and tech communities by speaking at events, publishing content.

Developer Program Engineer


Improved user experience for web.dev and developer.chrome.com by implementing new features, optimizing performance, and enhancing user satisfaction. Implemented image hosting, compression, and resizing capabilities, improving performance and faster load times. Led the implementation of the current hosting solution for web.dev, supporting close to 700k monthly visitors and enabling multi-language support.

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

Southern Connecticut State University

Computer Science

GDG Organizer

Google Developers

Organize events and host developers for New Haven, Berkeley, and San Francisco branches of GDG events with a variety of topics ranging from Android development to use cases of modern front-end tools and technologies. Coordinated and ran large tech conference for developers to grow and exapnd skills, all with a minimum attendance of 150 multi-disciplinary professionals.

Developer Advocate


Empowered developers by creating code samples and tutorials, driving effective adoption and user satisfaction. Maintained Node.js SDK and developed Python SDK for seamless integration with Typeform. Developed custom elements to provide users with enhanced flexibility and customization options.

Front End Engineer

Sellpoints, Inc.

Implemented modern web development techniques, including custom elements, to upgrade frameworks and software and align with industry best practices. Maintained and optimized e-commerce marketing platforms, ensuring seamless operation and maximizing business impact.

Front End Engineer


Led full-stack development tasks, including creating REST API components and overseeing developer training. Successfully delivered 3 unique applications by effectively managing small development teams and utilizing diverse tools, resulting in business growth and high client satisfaction.

Lead Developer

Kricket App

Collaboratively developed complete rework of the Kricket application which included creation of a database relational model, REST API endpoints, and native mobile applications. Networked with clients to design custom solutions for integration of geodata. Presented at multiple conferences on processes and methodologies of utilizing client side geodata.

Product Forum Top Contributor


Actively participate in Google’s Product Help Forums. Work with the Mobile team of Google Consumer Operations branch while addressing consumer questions, providing support for Google’s various mobile products and services, and reporting/escalating bugs with the Android platform, Nexus devices, and some Google services available on Android.

Senior Apprentice

Independent Software

Organize weekly meetings and hack nights, support software tutoring sessions for all levels of expertise, and serve as an apprentice within the Apprentice 100 program.

High School Diploma

Amity Regional High School