Michael Solati
One weird trick! (To encapsulating your CSS)

One weird trick! (To encapsulating your CSS)


Web developers are going to hate me, cause this is an interesting solution…

Need to encapsulate the CSS of some HTML5? Well you can use an <iframe> to embed your HTML into a page without the rest of the page’s CSS affect it using the srcdoc property!

Why would you want to do this? Well I’m currently working on including the content of the newsletters we email out on web.dev on the website. However they all have their own custom styling that we don’t want the CSS of the site to conflict them.

An <iframe> would allow us to encapsulate the styling so that there is no conflict, but it would be gross to point the <iframe> to another URL on the site as we would need another network request in order to render the page (and a search engine could crawl the embedded URL, which we wouldn’t want to surface). So the easy solution was to use srcdoc to dump the HTML of a newsletter into the <iframe> without requiring another network request, or for another page to exist somewhere!

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